Tyler Mortensen
Junior | Pitcher – 1B | 6’4” | 210

Previous Season Stats: 0.84 ERA, 6 wins 2 losses, 2 CG

Awards: 1st Team All-Delta, PG Underclass High Honorable Mention

College Commit: UC Santa Barbara

Coaches Quote: Tyler has been the Blue Devils ace pitcher since his freshman year. He provides great presence and consistency on the mound. Great athlete, and also a fine hitter for us. Happy he is a Blue Devil.


Nick Vogt
Sophomore | OF | 5’11” | 160

Previous Season Stats: .480 AVG

Awards: Freshman MVP

Coaches Quote: Nick is a fine addition to our ball club this year. Provides energy, toughness and is super competitive. Great athlete. Keep an eye on him. My kind of player.


John Lagattuta
Senior | OF – C | 6’1” | 185

Previous Season Stats: .250 AVG

Awards: PG All-Region Honorable Mention

College Commit: Cal Berkeley

Coaches Quote: John is a super athlete for us. Very versatile. Great presence the box for us. Exciting player to watch. John has matured into a fine player for us.


Ryan Holgate
Junior | OF – Pitcher | 6’2” | 190

Previous Season Stats: .350 AVG

Awards: Upperclass Area Codes, PG Honorable Mention, First Team All-Delta

College Commit: Cal Berkeley

Coaches Quote; What a player we have in Ryan. Can do it all. Field, hit, run, and pitch. Super competitive. Great power and athleticism. Love having him in my program. Fun to watch.


Reed Hessl
Junior | SS | 5’10” | 150

Previous Season Stats: .357 AVG, .500 OBP, 25 hits, 13 RBI, 25 runs

Coaches Quote: Reed is a great athlete and provides mental toughness for our ball club. He is our quiet leader and a very steady and consistent presence for the Blue Devils.


Griffin Duisenberg
Senior | OF-C | 6’0 |180

Previous Season Stats: .280 AVG, 20 RBI

Coaches Quote: Griffin is a strong presence in the middle of our order. He is a mature hitter and provides great energy and inspiration.