Hunter Greene
Sr. | SS, RHP | 6’4” | 211lbs

2016 Stats: .419AVG, 20RBI, 20R, 9 2B, 5HR, 1.250 OPS

College Commit: UCLA

Coaches Quote: A 4-year starter that has received just about every award possible. He can do it all and at the same time is a great person and teammate.


Mike Whiteside
Jr. | LHP, 1B | 6’0” | 170lbs

2016 Stats: .315 AVG, 12 RBI, 18 R, 5 2B

Coaches Quote: A great 2-sport athlete and very physical and tough, he is a large part of our team’s success.


Noah Taylor
Jr. | OF | 6’0” | 195lbs

2016 Stats: .303 Avg, 17R, 18RBI, 52B, 1HR, .417OBP

Coaches Quote: Noah is a talented 2-sport athlete with a huge upside on the baseball field, when he is locked in not many are better than him.


Lucas Gordon
Fresh. | LHP, 1B | 6’0” | 170lbs

College Commit: USC

Coaches Quote: Only a freshman, but plays like a senior. Not many players like him come through any program. He is something special on the mound.


Logan Pollack
Sr. | OF, INF | 6’2” | 180lbs

College Commit: Michigan
2016 Stats: .260 AVG, 12 R, 9 RBI, 1HR, .396BP

Coaches Quote:
Logan is part of the core of our team. He can plat almost any position and has a very high baseball IQ.







Daylen Reyes
Fresh. | INF | 6’0” | 170lbs

College Commit: UCLA

Coaches Quote:
Daylen does not play like a freshman. He is very physical and competitive. He will be a player to watch the next four years.